Paris Restaurant Recommendations– 2009-2010

December 20, 2010 by Betty Zlatchin Catering

Places I Liked– November, 2010

•L’itinerarire– 23 Rue Ponthieu, Paris – 01 42 25 95 00 in the 6th,  lots of buzz , lots of  fun, lots  of young people. You might like it very much. We did.
•Atelier de Robuchon– always a favorite, love the Dover sole, sit at the counter, wonderful wines, interaction , and very good food.  Near Hotel Montalembert in 7th, no reservations, but you can figure something out. Usually not too long a wait.
•Le Comptoir– for lunch near carrefourre de Odeon, great people watching, go early or go late, crowds gather at lunch and thereʼs a wait unless you decide late or early. They provide blankets if you opt to sit outside Spring– 6 rue Bailleul 75001 Paris 01 45 96 05 72 wonderful, but can you get a reservation????
•La Gazetta– in the 11th, just ok but everyone raves about it.

Places I Will Always LOVE…

•Les Petrelles, in the 9th,  one chef one little kitchen that is the size of a closet, ancient books, rose petals on the table, totally romantic.
•Gagnaire– what is not to love about his wonderful intellectual take on us and what we eat. ($$$$)
•LʼAmi  Louis– if you have never been, you should go ($$$$)
•L’Ami Jean– 7th, on rue Malar * bistro (steak and meats)
•LʼAffriole– also on rue  Malar (very nice, not too expensive, somewhat innovative and good chocolate trio dessert)
•Chez George– rue du mail near bourse, really delicious turbot, wonderful atmosphere, old fashioned, perfect wines, real bistro French food  as we still wished it to be!  Great waitresses, lunch is perfect.
•Allard– another great old bistro, but is coming back with better than ever food, everyone knows it, but they do make a great cucumber salad.

Our Very Newest Places… good value, delicious food…

•LʼAgrume –5 Rue des Fossés Saint-Marcel, Paris – 01 43 31 86 48 about 35 euros,
•La Ferrandaise, open Mondays, refers to a type of cattle, very tasty, also has fish and veggie entrees, prix fixe, fyi- 3 courses, about 32 euros, 8 rue de Vaugirard, 01-43-26-36-36, near Luxembourg gardens (and itʼs open on Monday nights!) 32 euros prix fixe

Highly Recommended…

•Yam’Tcha, 4 rue Sauval, 1st, Tel. 01-40-26-08-07. Metro: Louvre-Rivoli (Asian foods)
•Le 404—  very good for Moroccan food
•Chez Omar, if you like the atmosphere of noise  and bustle (note:  Omar  always makes you wait, even if you have made a reservation!)

Multi-StarRestaurants (trés cher $250-$300 plus wine, pp)

•2010 : Z kitchen Gallerie:  (exceptional price: $ 100 pp w/out wine) least expensive but highly rated, casual, and Carl and I liked it very much, slightly rushed service. Asian touches 6th arr. just off the quays of the 6th Astrance, in 8th, rue Washington,  good for lunch or dinner, hard to get a reservation
•Guy Savoy,  always delicious and probably open for NYʼs Eve, near Arc de Triomphe
•LʼAmbrosie, Place des Vosges, romantic, traditional and delicious
•Gagnaire: 8th, rue Balzac, in Hotel Balzac where I used to stay in the 60s when I was airline stewardess (TWA). I have eaten there 2x’s, intellectual food, interesting ingredients, quite modern dining room, but not a business atmosphere, more foodies here for sure.
•Restaurant Le Grand Véfour: umm, hanky panky upstairs rooms originally used by many famous people of history, one of oldest  restaurants in Paris. I had a lunch downstairs with Marie Risley, lots of fun, beautiful room, in the Palais Royale, (lunch was $400 each, but Mary and I had champagne and a bottle of very good wine).
•Helene Darroze– it must be better  than when I was there or it must have great publicity writers. What I remember was a  fairly sterile upstairs dining room on rue d”assas. Food was not  special, but what was really special was a beautiful woman seated near us, must have been a model, with two men with her. She was elegant, 30-ish, and was wearing an evening hat with a veil and a cerise rose, the hat of course, was rakishly tilted over one eye.
•Eric Freechonʼs The Bristol– formal inside, restaurant inside was a small theater originally. When I was there, the food was good, not great and it was filled with business men doing business,  of course, even during the evening. However, in the summer time, outside is gorgeous!  (desserts to ignore , usually). I have been a fan of Eric Freechon for several years, even when he was out on Ave. General Brunet in the 19th!
(He was doing Spanish ham then too.)

I look forward to hearing about your own discoveries in this most beautiful of cities!

With wishes for Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Happy Travels to Paris.
Bon Voyage and Bon Appetite!