José Vega


José Vega is a familiar sight to anyone who has hosted or attended a Betty Zlatchin Catering event in the last 20 years. As Event Manager, José is responsible for executing the party to the satisfaction of the client. His unflappable nature and expert people skills have made him an invaluable asset to the Betty Zlatchin team.

An expert in design, José is responsible for some of the more memorable looks at BZC. “The museum openings in particular are challenging. For these events, we attempt, in subtle ways, to have the food and its presentation mirror the artist. I remember for the Georgia O’Keeffe opening at the Legion of Honor we used warm Southwestern linen tones of gold and terra cotta, white sand and beautiful driftwood to play off these themes in the artist’s work.”

José organizes an annual fundraising event for the Dolores Street Community Service, a hospice for Latinos. When he’s not working or restoring his house in Mazatlan, Mexico, José can be found collecting and refinishing turn-of-the-century antiques.