Betty Zlatchin


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Betty learned how to cook by helping her mother and grandmothers prepare classic Southern dishes. After college she went to work as a stewardess in first class for TWA. “Back then, stewardesses cooked all of the meals to order and it was very similar to catering,” says Betty. “Of course, a lot has changed since then.”

Betty began catering out of her home in the early 80’s. “In fact, catering just kind of fell in my lap. My husband and I loved giving parties at our home and a friend thought I might be interested in catering their corporate dinner party. I gave it a try, loved it, and was paid with a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild.”

Of course, much has changed since the early days. Betty now owns a large, professional kitchen in San Francisco’s warehouse district. “I’ve catered parties of up to 2,500 people, and yet can still cater a party for two,” says Betty. She considers it an honor to be called on to be a partner in so many special moments in people’s lives.

While food is paramount to Betty’s success, she finds the design elements to be of equal importance. “I love transforming a room. I love to create an atmosphere,” she says. Betty finds inspiration in the diverse ethnic cuisine of San Francisco, as well as her travels to France and Italy. She speaks French and Spanish.